East Cape Recycling Baja is run by volunteers who have designed a program of activities to support our mission of recycling and recycling education as follows:

Recycling Activities

Recycling Day

A team of committed volunteers helps to sort the community’s recyclable items each month in order to send them to recycle processing centers across Baja. Click here.

Restaurant Program

We work with local restaurants to help them recycle their trash on a monthly basis by providing them with recycling containers, the transport and the access to our center.

The Beaches

You will see large blue barrels along the beaches and a black 4-wheel drive Bronco that collects the trash from these barrels, provided by East Cape Recycling Baja.

Recycling Consultancy

We work closely with the Delegacion team providing them with help, support and advice when required to help improve our municipal trash and recycling activities.

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Special Events

We support large-scale events with their recycling and trash planning, such as Lord of the Wind, Semana Santa, The Los Barriles Dog Show and the Los Barriles Arts Festival.  We provide the pick-up vehicles, trailer and gas as part of our support as well as Recycling Stations with signage for plastics and aluminum.

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Education Program

A fundamental component to achieving our mission is helping both children and adults to understand the importance of protecting the environment.

Cursos de Verano

East Cape Recycling Baja participates each year as a sponsor and as the environmental education coordinator of Cursos de Verano, a three week summer daycamp program for 100 local children, ages 6-12, in Los Barriles. Using fun activities and games, we help the children learn about protecting marine life, what happens when our environment becomes polluted, how and why we recycle, and how they can help protect Mother Nature.

Community Social Service

Each high school student must complete community social service hours each semester in order to graduate. East Cape Recycling Baja is working with the high school administrators to create a recycling service program to help the students meet their community social service requirements and at the same time learn about protecting the environment.

Solo Para Mujares (For Women Only)

East Cape Recycling Baja conducts workshops for women so that they can reduce, reuse and recycle in their homes. The women learn to reuse materials to make fun handicraft projects, use recycling bins to separate and store recycables, and how to compost kitchen scraps to help improve their gardens.

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